More Mad Max Than You Ever Knew!

More Mad Max than you ever knew.

Do you stay up at night wondering about obscure Mad Max trivia? Do questions like 'What happened to the Feral Kid' keep you distracted throughout the day?

Have you noticed mysterious anomalies like actors playing 2 separate characters in the series, multiple or unknown global catastrophes? Do you think the car might be immortal?

Have these questions lead to doubts in your fundamental belief structure? 

Well, Relax!

Fortunately a YouTuber has put together an epic series of educational materials about the Mad Max Universe that surpasses anything we've seen to date.

Mad Max Bible is a channel with only 4 videos, but these 4 videos will certainly be remembered as the premiere & authoritative account of the Mad Max film series, & also its Video Game counterpart.

We've seen other MadMax videos & theories chronicling the character & his works, but these explore the subject with more depth, knowledge, research & mind blowing access to the actual creative process than has ever been presented before!

The Origins of the channel are a mystery. Who is its creator, & how did he get all this info?

The series delves into very personal developmental deals on an interior level at the studios, & follows the evolution of the entire series throughout it's multi film lifespan.

Mad Max

How did this creator get access, over such a long time span? We may never know, but the revelations & insights contained within the series are astonishing!

Never before have we seen this level of mysterious origin uncovered!

How did the world end? Who is Max? Where did the War Boys come from? Does Furiosa have a future?

Take a look at these videos to find answers to questions you never even knew you had!

Mad Max Bible!


Content by EMG-Pac

Content by EMG-Pac