Neal Hirsig authored an amazing '3D Design course' for Tufts University from 2007 to 2013. This course includes over 100 well organized, concise & detailed Video Tutorials for Blender 3D, 2.6x. 

   The course also includes 8 PDF Learning Projects and 14 lesson exercises that accompany the videos. All in all, its one of the better learning resources created for Blender 3D and its been shared with thousands of eager users since 2013.

   Recently it was announced that the website & all on line resources for the course would be closing down. Starting first with the actual course website on May 1, 2017, then with the closing of the stored files & assets in 2018, & finally ending with the shutting of the Vimeo channel later in 2020, which host all the video tutorials.

   Realizing the value & quality of these lessons, EMG-mediamaker reached out to Mr. Hirsig & asked about hosting the course materials in the 'Learning' section of their site. After receiving his permission, EMG-mediamaker went about transferring all the course materials to new servers and uploaded the entire Video Tutorial series to a new Youtube playlist.

   The structure of the 'new' course is very similar to the original, with only minor organizational changes to page layouts & corresponding links. All of the original material is still available to stream & download, in its entirety, for free. 

   The course is published under -Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike- CC BY-NC-SA. This material is freely available for educational purposes & you are encouraged to see it here:

Content by EMG-Pac

Content by EMG-Pac