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When you think of your favorite show, you probably can quickly name several of the show’s actors, right off the top of your head. There’s nothing better than having a favorite series that you follow, being able to watch the show progress and really getting attached to and knowledgeable about the characters. 

While naming the main actors and actresses is easy, naming the actual show’s creators, not so much. However, these creators are super wealthy and super creative, coming up with the concepts that keep you and I entertained while watching TV. Here are the richest TV show creators.


Net Worth: $12 million 
Created: Game of Thrones 

D.B. Weiss is the writer and creator of Game of Thrones, based on the book series by George R.R. Martin. The show is a combination of fantasy, action, drama, and a little horror, has been one of the most popular shows in America for several years on HBO. 

Weiss was born in Chicago. Before working on Game of Thrones, he was a personal assistant for The Viking Sagas films, as well as for Glenn Frey, a musician. He studied literature in Ireland, which was where he met co-creator David Benioff. He was hired as a showrunner for Game of Thrones in 2011.

Lee Daniels


Net Worth: $20 million 
Created: Empire 

Lee Daniels was born in Philly, and he is a director and writer for not just TV productions, but for film as well. He helped create Monster’s Ball and Precious, the latter of which was nominated for six Oscars (including a best director nod for Daniels). Precious won two of those six. 

Daniels also directed the historical drama The Butler, which discussed drama in the White House during the 1900s. TV-wise, he created the popular series Empire, as well as the drama Star. Empire debuted in 2015, while Star debuted in 2016. He started his career as a casting director and talent scout in the 1980s.


Net Worth: $25 million 
Created: The Closer 

James Duff was born in New Orleans, and he is a TV writer, director, and producer for several famous American television shows and screenplays. He created The Closer and was its head writer. He also created the show Major Crimes. He has writing credits for a whole list of other programs.

His credits include The D.A., Enterprise, The Agency, Popular, Wolf Lake, 919 Fifth Avenue, and The War at Home, which is based on a play Duff wrote called Hometown. He is married to Phillip Keene, who is the main actor on The Closer and Major Crimes, playing Buzz Watson.

Tina Fey


Net Worth: $45 million 
Created: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Tina Fey is a comedian, actress, and writer. She attended the University of Virginia, where she received her BA. She is well-known for writing for and appearing in many different TV shows and films. She wrote for Saturday Night Live from 1997 to 2006, and she appeared in many memorable sketches too (Mom Jeans, anyone?).

She created the comedy 30 Rock, which aired from 2006 to 2013. She also created Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which aired from 2015 to 2019. She has appeared in films such as Baby Mama, Megamind, Date Night, Sisters, Muppets Most Wanted, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She first started acting in 1997.

Norman Leir


Net Worth: $50 million 
Created: All in the Family

Norman Lear is a writer and producer who had his heyday in the 1970s, producing several classic sitcoms. He was born in New Haven, CT. His mother was born in Ukraine, and his father, a traveling salesman, was born in Connecticut. Before he got into TV, he was in the US Army from 1942 to 1945 at the rank of Private First Class.

His father was sent to prison for fraud when he was nine, and that inspired Lear’s creation of Archie Bunker, who Lear termed “a rascal.” His mother inspired Edith Bunker. He also wrote Good Times and Maude.

Chris Carter


Net Worth: $40 million 
Created: The X-Files 

Chris Carter is a California-born screenwriter and producer who created the sci-fi classic The X-Files. He received a journalism degree from California State in Long Beach. After attending university, he wrote for Surfing Magazine for thirteen years. He then went into TV, working at Disney.

He created The X-Files in the early ‘90s. The X-Files was a sci-fi/supernatural thriller that got high viewership on Fox. He also has his own company, Ten Thirteen Productions. With that company, he wrote Millennium, Harsh Realm, and then two X-Files movies. He has won 8 Emmys.

Grahm Yost


Net Worth: $50 million 
Created: Justified 

Graham Yost is a film and TV producer and director. He is also the head writer on several shows. His TV credits include the thrillers Hard Rain, Broken Arrow, and Speed. His TV credits include Herman’s Head and Band of Brothers, and he also created Justified and Boomtown. He has many other credits, too.

He did the rewrite for Firestorm and co-wrote Planet of the Apes. He also wrote The Last Castle’s screenplay as well as Young Arthur, Mission to Mars, and the famous “Skipping School” episode of the show Summerland. The Canadian writer has been in the industry since 1989.

Aaron Sorkin


Net Worth: $80 million 
Created: The West Wing 

David Milch is the writer who came up with NYPD Blue, among others. He also produced the show along with his work partner, Steve Bochco. He also created the show Deadwood, which is a historical period show that takes place in the 1870s in the Wild Wild West.

His first writing job was for Hill Street Blues, which was the “Trial by Fury” episode. It was so well-regarded that he got a staff job on the show. He did five seasons there as an executive editor before founding his own show. He also was a co-creator of the show Brooklyn South.

Emmy Award


Net Worth: $100 million 
Created: Glee

Ryan Murphy is the writer, director and producer of American Horror Story. He also created and produced Nip/Tuck, a medical drama on FX that aired from 2003 to 2010. He created Glee, which aired from 2009 to 2015. He also created and wrote American Crime Story, Feud, and 9-1-1, all dramas. He also directed Eat, Pray, Love, which was adapted from the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir.

He additionally created the film adaption of The Normal Heart, a novel by Larry Kramer. For this creation, he won an Emmy. He attended IU Bloomington. He and his husband, David Miller, have two children. 

Shonda Rhymes


Net Worth: $135 million 
Created: Grey’s Anatomy 

Shonda Rhimes is a prolific TV producer and writer. She is also an author. She created the medical drama called Grey’s Anatomy. She also created Private Practice, a medical show spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the very popular political thriller show Scandal. She is also a mega-producer for ABC.

She has produced the series How to Get Away with Murder, as well as The Catch and Off the Map. She attended Dartmouth College and USC, and she was born in Chicago. She has written a book, Year of Yes, which is her own personal memoir. She has three kids.

Larry David


Net Worth: $400 million 
Created: Seinfeld 

Larry David is one of America’s most famous comedians, and he is also a writer and producer. He created the show Seinfeld, along with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He was the head writer on the show. He then created Curb Your Enthusiasm, an HBO show in which he plays the lead role as himself (except more fictionalized).

He won an Emmy in 1993, followed by two more. He first started in stand-up before writing for and starring in the ABC show Fridays. He then wrote for SNL. He has been in the Hollywood industry since 1980, and he continues to write.

Mark Burnett


Net Worth: $450 million 
Created: Survivor

Mark Burnett is one of the most famous writers and TV producers in the world. He was born in London, and he has won twelve Emmys, though his shows have received 143 Emmy nominations in total. He has also won seven Critics Choice TV Awards, six People’s Choice Awards, and five Producers Guild Awards.

He executive produced Survivor, Shark Tank The Voice, Kevin Hart’s TKO, The World’s Best, and Lucha Underground. He also produced The Contender. He is the chair of MGM Worldwide TV Group. He is married to Irish actress Roma Downey, and he lives in Malibu with his wife.

Stu Segall

Stu Segall

Net Worth   $500+ Million

Created:  Silk Stalkings, Renegade, 18 Wheel of Justice, 

Stu Segall is a Boston area-born TV and movie producer and director who is the founder of Stu Segall Productions, a San Diego, California-based TV production studio.[1]

Segall began his career in 1970, directing sexploitation movies and hard-core pornography, including the famous Insatiable, starring Marilyn Chambers. Eventually, he got work in television. In 1984, Stephen J. Cannell tapped him to produce the TV series Hunter. He opened his San Diego TV studio to film the TV show Silk Stalkings in 1991.

In addition to TV production, his studio also offers hyper-realistic training for military personnel. The company this training is conducted under is Strategic Operations.[2]


Net Worth: $500 million 
Created: The Mary Tyler Moore Show 

James L. Brooks grew up in New Jersey. When he was younger, his family life was troubled, and he passed the time by perfecting his writing skills. He attended New York University briefly before dropping out. After dropping out, he got a job at CBS as an usher. He then went on to write for CBS News.

He moved to LA to work on a Wolper documentary. After that was over, he worked on the show My Mother the Car. He then created several shows, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Simpsons, and many more. He has won 20 Emmys (out of 47 nominations), and also wrote Oscar-winning films like As Good As It Gets, Broadcast News and Terms of Endearment.

Lorne Michaels


Net Worth: $500 million 
Created: Saturday Night Live 

Lorne Michaels is a producer, writer, comedian, and actor who is of Canadian and American origin. He created Saturday Night Live – and has also been a producer for Late Night since 1993. He also produced the show Kids in the Hall and The Tonight Show. He was raised in Toronto, and he attended college at the University College, Toronto.

He received his induction into the Order of Canada back in 2002, and he became a US citizen several years before then, in 1987. He created SNL in 1975 with Dick Ebersol, another NBC employee. The show is performed live and has cutting-edge comedic sketches and guest appearances.

Dick Wolf


Net Worth: $550 million 
Created: Law & Order 

Dick Wolf was born in New York City, and he created and produced the Law & Order franchise. The franchise has four international spinoff shows and six different dramas, all focused around police and the courtroom. He also produced and created the Chicago franchise, which includes police and courtroom dramas as well.

He has won an Emmy for his work, in addition to a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. He is also an author, writing four books. One is nonfiction and is an addendum to the Law & Order show. The other three are thrillers that are part of a series.

Simon Fuller


Net Worth: $560 million 
Created: American Idol 

Simon Fuller is a British TV producer and manager. He was born in British Cyprus, and his father was a pilot in the Royal Air Force. He created the Idol reality show franchise. In the UK, the Idol franchise aired first. Its name was Pop Idol. In America, the show is called American Idol, and it is wildly popular.

He also has produced So You Think You Can Dance, Spiceworld The Movie, My Generation, Q’Viva, and more. He also was a talent manager, managing the Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse, Lisa Marie Presley, Steven Tyler, S Club 7, and more.

Glen & Less Charles


Net Worth: $600 million 
Created: Cheers 

Glen and Les Charles are two brothers who have created some of television’s most well-known, beloved shows. Their net worth is over half a billion dollars combined. They were born in Henderson, Nevada, and they were raised in the Mormon Church before attending the University of Redlands.

Glen is six years older than Les. Glen started as an ad writer before moving into TV, and he and Les first worked on M*A*S*H together. They then wrote for The Mary Tyler Moore Show before creating Cheers. They also worked on Taxi, Phyllis, The Bob Newhart Show, and Frasier as well.

Chuck Lorre


Net Worth: $800 million 
Created: Two and a Half Men 

Chuck Lorre is a writer, producer, and composer. He started out in music, touring the US as a guitarist and songwriter. He wrote for Debbie Harry, writing her Top UK single “French Kissin’ in the USA”. He then went from music to TV, writing for animated shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is married to actress Emmanuelle Vaugier.

He has created countless hit shows, including Grace Under Fire, Dharma & Greg, The Big Bang Theory, Two & A Half Men, Mike & Molly, Young Sheldon, The Kominsky Method (which recently won him a Golden Globe), Cybill, and Grace Under Fire.

Jerry Bruckheimer


Net Worth: $900 million 
Created: CSI 

Jerry Bruckheimer is a film producer and writer. He has produced shows in many different areas, including drama, action, and even sci-fi/fantasy. He was born in Detroit and attended the University of Arizona. He produced the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) franchise, including CSI Miami, NY, New Orleans, and more.

He also produced and created Cold Case, Without a Trace, The Amazing Race, and more. He is the director of the company ZeniMax Media. He also founded and currently owns an NHL team in Seattle. His film credits include Flashdance, Top Gun, The Rock, Beverly Hills Cop, and many more.


Net Worth: $950 million 
Created: Seinfeld 

Jerry Seinfeld is a Brooklyn-born actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He is best known for portraying the eponymous character Jerry Seinfeld in the show Seinfeld, which he created with Larry David. Comedy Central nominated him as the twelfth-funniest stand-up comedian in history.

He also produced and wrote the film Bee Movie in 2007, and he voiced the main character. He also produced The Marriage Ref, a reality show that aired on NBC. He recently got into web series hosting, starting the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Oprah Winfrey
Net Worth: 2.6 Billion
Created: The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey,
 best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, which was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history and was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2011 in Chicago. Dubbed the "Queen of All Media", she was the richest African American of the 20th century and North America's first black multi-billionaire, and has been ranked the greatest black philanthropist in American history. She has also been sometimes ranked as the most influential woman in the world.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Net Worth: $4.1 billion 
Famous for: Shark Tank 

Mark Cuban is a billionaire who owns both a major sports team (the Dallas Mavericks) and a Hollywood production company (2929 Entertainment). He is the chair of AXS TV and appears on Shark Tank, a reality investing show. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA and resides in Dallas, Texas. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University.

Ciban has invested in eighty-five deals during his 100+ episodes appearing on Shark Tank, investing a total of $20 million. He is the investor of Ten Thirty One Productions’ endeavor, as well as that of Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race, and the brand BeatBox Beverages. 


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